Wartime Veterans at least 65 years of age  and their spouses can receive thousands of dollars to pay for home health care, assisted living, and nursing home care. Congress has established a program that is administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to provide veterans and their spouses money to help pay for these services. These financial benefits are provided by the Veteran’s Benefits Administration for veteran’s and their surviving spouses for non-service connected health issues. This particular benefit is commonly referred to as an Aid and Attendance benefit.

Wartime Veterans and related parties READ THIS.

1. The veteran or spouse may be eligible if the veteran served 90 days or more on active duty with 1 day beginning or ending during an active period of war( the veteran did not have to serve overseas during this time period).

2. The veteran or spouse has a non-service related medical condition that requires assistance.

3. You meet  the VA’s income and asset guidelines.

If the veteran and/or surviving spouse meet the above requirements set forth by the VA then they may be eligible for a tax-free monthly benefit.

The Maximum Annual Pension Rate as of September 17th, 2009 is below

There are different categories, to clarify before you read on: Aid and attendance benefit with 1 dependent. The dependent most commonly is the veteran’s spouse.

Category *********** Annually********** Monthly

Aid and Attendance           $19,728                                $1,644

Without dependent

Aid and Attendance           $23,388                                $1,949

With 1 Dependent

Two veterans married      $30.480                                $2,550

To each other

Aid and Attendance           $12,672                                $1.056

Surviving Spouse

If you think that you or a veteran you care for, may be eligible but are not sure click the link below.

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